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The speed is a real problem for me with Lodima. Some of my negatives print absolutely black in 3-5 seconds whereas they take 15-25 seconds on Azo. Trevor, were the negatives you printed developed in a staining developer such as Pyrocat?
Jim, my negatives were 8x10's developed in Rodinal 1:25. I only had 5 sheets to test so have a lot to investigate when this paper becomes readily available.

Fomalux 111 FB is a lot faster than Lodima. As an example when printing on Lodima I use a 150 watt lamp at a distance of 20", this gives me average exposures of around 20 seconds for my Rodinal negs. With Fomalux I had to switch to a 40 watt lamp at a distance of 30" for similar exposure times.