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300 watts. I'll try lower.
Hope that works for you! I'm using a 100, 150 and 200 depending on the negs. All my newer work prints with the 150 at between 20 to 40 seconds.

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You definitely need a staining developer with Lodima.
I'm not sure where you're coming from here. I use highly dilute Rodinal with great results. Michael and Paula thought I had no reason to change back to pyro. I also watched Michael make a gorgeous print of a fellow student's negative developed in D76.

I don't mean to argue with you, Jim. I'm just concerned that someone looking to try Lodima might read that and think their negs won't work. While a somewhat denser neg seems to do the best for me it doesn't need to be bullet proof by any means and I've had no problems reaching proper contrast on the Grade 3, and occasionally the Grade 2.

All the best. Shawn