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I've just exposed my first roll of film (Tmax 100) in my Zero Image 6X9 and was quite pleased with the exposures (proper density). I used an Olympus OM 2S with a 21mm lens as my viewfinder and a Pentax digital spot meter to determine exposure. Guess I had my feet firmly planted in three centuries. The question I have is if anyone is using filters with their pinhole cameras and if so, how might they be attaching them? Any advice is appreciated. Bill Barber

I usually use old Large Format shutters for my Pinhole cameras. The old Kodak slip-on, friction-fit Wratten filter holders (Series V, VI, or VII, depending on the old lens size) work quite well. I use the different filters such as the Aero Yellow, K2, Green & Red to change the contrast of B&W film- especially if I'm using out of date Polaroid (cheap!). I use a couple of the Color filters to warm up the usual bluish color shift, again especially with Polaroid.

You can tape a 55mm x 55mm plastic cut-to-size filters on the inside of the Zero Image, using black photo tape... I think that's what Zernike Au suggests on his site:

Happy Pinholing!