Hey guys, new here and I have a weird problem with my 2000fcw.

It all started shooting some stuff using the leaf shutter. Near the end of the roll, I was unable to wind any longer and the status indicator on my back became red. So I rewound the film, took the roll out and put another one in. Followed everything to a tee in trying to get the status indicator back to white, and still nothing.

At this point I figured it was just the battery so I went out and got a new Energizer. Popped it in, removed the back, released the camera, put the back on again and tried to wind. Still nothing. It's like it's on permanent multiple exposure mode because the only way I can wind the camera is pushing the multi exposure button down and winding.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. At this point I'm telling myself that it was a shitty battery I bought regardless of the fact that it was new. Hmmm....