If you have ever seen this type of back before you are in a very small minority.

What I have is a dual film back that holds cut film holders AND a pressure plate for 120 film, Yes you read that right, 120 film. This is NOT a Rolleikin back for 35mm film.

I have no idea what this is worth because I have not been able to find any concrete information on this back everything has been rumor and innuendo. Even the Rollei accessory catalog has not yielded any information for it.

What I would like to do is trade it for a Konica Hexar RF, Minolta CLE or if it is even worth it, dare I say, a Leica. Obviously this is all contingent on the value of this back and so I am trusting in the collective wisdom of APUG. It would be nice if at least one lens come with any camera that I could get for this item.

Note the tabs on the bottom holder

The black plate on the top is the outer plate that slides into the cut film holder and the silver springs (bottom plate) press against it. Note the tabs on the bottom plate (film pressure plate) that hold it in place with the matching tabs on the door.
When I received this item it was in pieces and I had put it back together with hot glue just to keep everything together and make sure that it works. The springs will need to be silver soldered back on to the tabs on the pressure plate.

If anyone has any information about this film back please let us all know as I think that it is an interesting mystery.