Howdy all.

I've yet to find a home for this tripod and would still like to do so. How about $150 with shipping included as well as the APUG contribution taken care of by me. Free shipping on this monstrosity is no 'garnish', that's a steak dinner ladies & gentleman.

For those just tuning into this thread, go back to post #13 and that's the tripod I am offering.

Now, I didn't get as ambitious as stated in my previous post (dismantle, clean = beautiful) but I did take things apart, peer inside, squirt some 3-in-1 oil hither & thither, check that everything was accounted for and basically eased my mind about selling this tripod... everything is 100% functional.

The worst thing is that the elevator locking screw (or whatever you wanna call it) is *tight*. With a rag on your hand it can be tightened down fairly easily. It is not ideal, but workable. I took out the bolt and examined the threads but still cannot determine where this tightness is coming from.

You'll notice that all the surface rust is confined to the steel bits, like the nuts/bolts, screws, and spring. The parts that count, like the gears, sliding tubes, etc. are all aluminum and completely rust free. The gears look great and operate very smoothly; the pan-head bearings are as smoooooth as Tennessee whiskey (excuse the song reference)

So please, if you're interested let me know.