Hi all,

I just forked out for a CPA-2 after getting sick of paying nearly $15/roll for E-6 developing, plus I want to try optical RA-4 from 6x7. The problem is that I can't find any sellers with sane prices for colour chemistry in Australia, e.g. the Kodak 5L E-6 being $151 (PRA) to $162 (vanbar) and never stocked. One store here showed me the price list they get from the Kodak distributor and it's more than twice what I would pay retail from the UK (ag-photographic).

I've been buying film and paper from Ag Photographic but the chemistry kits are pretty heavy and the shipping gets expensive - they don't seem to have any surface options (I've asked, lots!). Does anyone know of a competitively priced store in AU/asia or one in the US or UK that will do surface shipping? I'm happy to wait 6 weeks for the bottles to arrive if it saves me $100 on shipping a couple of kits.

I've emailed calumet, since I know they ship chems within CONUS, unlike B&H.