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Interesting. I've been loading up my amidol with extra KBr in order to warm up Lodima. I've found it is one of the most lovely colors I've been able to achieve with any paper. Maybe it will have the same effect on this Foma.... my somewhat limited experience with Azo has show it does no warm up much with the same formula... of course my Azo is vintage so that might have something to do with it. Thanks, Trevor.
I made my first prints from the production Lodima last week using 3 ml/liter of KBr and the color is not warm enough. That is what I used for Azo and was very pleased with the results. It also worked for the test run of Lodima from a couple of years ago. The new Lodima prints looked a little "off" and when I held them up to some Azo prints of mine (and some M&P Azo prints I have) the difference was obvious.

I need to run some tests with increasing amounts of KBr to see what works. How much have you had to use to get the color you like?