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The "Coming soon" notice on the NOVA website is refering to the prospect of a photograph of the product coming soon and the message probably shows in default of a photo being uploaded. In otherwords "Coming soon" is not referring to the arrival of a new product.

This is an old product and no longer in the Fuji portfolio - Nova probably have a box left and are looking to get rid of it. It was killed off, along with the chemistry, some time ago. With regard to Calumet, their website is often out of date.

Something important about the current Fuji cut paper - this is "basic" Fuji Crystal Archive, the type commonly found in high street mini labs, so it is a bit on the thin side when compared to the cut sheet Supra Endura that disappeared last year. It is NOT Type DP or Type MP - although I have seen it described as such! Type DP is a new RA4 paper optimised for digital exposure (Rather like the new Endura VC) but you can expose it optically and we have customers doing this (we just sent a 30" roll out today for this very purpose). Type MP is not made any more - this was the pro paper that DP has replaced. Both DP and the old MP are/were on thicker bases.

We have also found that Endure VC is fine for optical exposure, despite the original reservations people had about it - I think this was fuelled by Kodak at the begining when the paper had some teething problems. But Palm lab here in Birmingham have been printing on it no problem. It's only in rolls of course so you have to cut it yourself.
Many thanks indeed for this update - most interesting.

As Supra Endura VC has been passed fit for using optically, do you think there's any chance of a third-party being employed to chop it into sheets, a la Fuji's CA? Failing that, will AG Photographic be offering rolls?

Many thanks once again (and apologies for the Fuji confusion)