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I don't mix up a 10% solution, I just crush up the KBr and add it right to the amildol. I use about 2 grams in 500ml (I've been printing mostly 4x5's lately). This is a significant increase... I also use 5 grams of amidol in 500ml, this was originally intended to make up for what I felt was lost in filtering the Chinese amidol through a coffee filter but might also be compensating for the extra KBr.... I don't know the science, just what looks good to me. =)

All the best. Shawn
Yikes! That's about 13 times what I use. I plan to pick a negative and make several prints (all exposed the same) and increase the KBr in the tray by 1 ml for each print and then compare them after they are toned and dried. But your comments regarding the color intrigue me. So for a last print I may increase it to what you are using just to see the result. Do you end up with a very warm print?

I bought a "lifetime supply" of the Chinese amidol and also filter it through a coffee filter. I don't increase the amount because I assume what is left on the filter is some sort of impurity. Since it does not dissolve it is not a factor in developing (just staining!). But, the amount left in the filter is included when I weigh the stuff and it is not amidol so perhaps my logic is flawed.