This Ricoh GR1 is pristine. There is a very minor sign of use around the viewfinder eyepiece, where someone's eyeglasses (perhaps mine?) made contact. Hardly noticeable, and extremely difficult to see in person, much less so in a product photo. I have two GR1 cameras and I'm selling the best one.

This is the preferred black version, actually dark charcoal gray. The body is die-cast magnesium and is said to be the slimmest full frame 35mm camera ever made. I placed it next to my Leica A (not for sale) for size comparison. The weight is only 6.1 oz.

The ultimate 'shirt pocket' camera -beautiful optics and ease of use: fully programmed, +/- 2 f/stop exposure compensation, and full aperture priority control. Flash also has auto/manual/fill-in control with optional red-eye reduction. Automatic backlight compensation, exposure lock and spot metering. Virtually no shutter release lag time.

Incredibly accurate continous focusing down to about 13" with focus confirmation, macro parallax compensation marks and focus lock. "Snap" focus mode for ultra-fast street shooting. Shutter speeds 2 seconds to 1/500, plus T. Selftimer counts down and contols Time exposures. Limited shutter speed readout and slow-speed warning LED's visible in VF.

The 28mm f/2.8 all-glass lens is outstanding...Ricoh even made a limited number of these lenses modified for the Leica M System.

Here is a link to a complete review:

$350 plus $10 shipping in CONUS. Insured shipping outside USA at actual cost.