I have not gotten any interest in selling this equipment as a kit, so I am willing to break it up into smaller pieces.

The 2 L-Brackets and the 180mm lens are already spoken for, pending payment.

I would like, if possible, to sell the C-220 and the black 80mm together and the C-3 and the chrome 80mm together. The remaining pieces I would sell individually for the prices listed, plus shipping.

Mamiya C-220, w/ WLF & 80mm black (blue dot) - $225 + shipping & ins.
Mamiya C-3, w/ WLF & 80mm chrome - $160 + shipping & ins.
65mm chrome, w/ leather case, viewing lens has some cloudiness, taking lens is fine - $65 + shipping & ins.
Prism finder, w/leather case, outer housing has small crack that does not affect performance - $70 + shipping & ins.
Porro finder, w/ leather case - $40 + shipping & ins.

None of the lenses have the black plastic caps.

I will be traveling until Aug 27 to Sept 5 with very limited access to the internet.