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Quite an understatement. Using MAS's formula, you would be adding 0.15 grams (1.5ml of a 10% solution) to your 500ml of working solution. Your recipe is equivalent to adding 40ml of 10% KBr to the MAS 1 liter working solution of amidol.
I know, you pointed this out to me in another thread. =) Might be that I'm making up for the restrainer by adding an extra gram of amidol per 500ml... I use about 3 grams of KBr if I mix 1L of solution. That said I get jet blacks in 1 minute, developer still works the next day when covered with saran wrap and the paper is just a gorgeous warm color...

Lodima seems most flexible. That Ilya cat is always posting unusual yet lovely colored Lodima scans. I wonder what he's doing to achieve them? Toners?