Well, I'm finally back after two weeks in the Philippines where I:

- fell down head over heels on the narrow steps of the Banaue rice fields and busted my knee (and was saved from going over the edge, about a 5m drop, by my quick-thinking guide).
- witnessed a major landslide as it happened -- nearly escaped being caught in it (but hopefully have some good photos to show for it!)
- travelled by bus to Baguio via the same route that another bus did the previous day where the brakes failed and the bus went into the ravine killing 41 people
- left Manila the day before an ex-policeman hijacked a bus, killing several tourists

...and all I can say is I feel pretty lucky and it's good to be home!

Was very excited to see 5 more cards waiting for me:

- two very calm river landscapes by Lori Ryan and Allen Friday
- interesting sculpture amongst the trees by KWhitmore
- Mark Rewald's close-up view of the Pioneer Monument and Fountain
- ignatiu5's "ascend", which begs the question of those in descent...

Can't believe this round is almost over! Thanks everyone for the cards received so far...and if you haven't received one from me by now, please let me know!