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I'm originally from Pennsylvania, but I'm currently living in Bakersfield.

However I'm planning on moving to SLO, Cayucos, or somewhere abouts there. Bakersfield is alright, but jesus! The summers here!

I know this thread is old, but if anyone in Bakersfield wants to get together sometime or just chat and exchange tips, locations, etc., let me know!

Also, if anyone living in or around SLO wants to give me any tips for moving there, those are also welcome.
I live in San Luis Obispo. If Bakersfield drives you crazy with the heat, stay away from any inland location along the Central Coast (inland is different than coastal valley like San Luis Obispo), they are just as hot but not as often. I'd give the inland locations around an 80% chance of having the same hot weather as Bakersfield! So stay away from Atascadero, Santa Margarita, Paso Robles, San Miguel. You mentioned Cayucos. That's a great location if you're interested in actually enjoying the beach most of the summer. Morro Bay is often overcast or solid fogged in even on days when Cayucos is not because they say Cayucos is a south facing beach but that's not true, its a west facing beach that generally has a slight southern exposure, but that's enough combined with the coastal range behind it to keep it less foggy there.

Anyway, I'm a local. When you get here and want to hook up sometime, just send a message!