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Henry: Hearing about the "problems" with the Chinese Amidol suggested that purchasing the Amidol from Art Craft would make life much easier. I can tell you that the Amidol from Art Craft is absolutely a joy to work with. Goes easily into solution, very little "dirt and grime" left in the developing tray, no need to filter, etc., etc. Life is difficult enough without having to filter Amidol! One might conceivably save a few bucks with the Chinese Amidol, but is the savings worth the worry, time, and hassles?

Other than having to filter it I don't know of any problems. It dissolves almost instantly (except for the solids that get filtered out) and produces incredible prints. I got 10 kg with the initial order and have bought more from individuals since then. I think I am at the point where I won't need to buy anymore amidol for a very long time.