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I advice: Don't let the camera determine the shape of your final composition in print. You decide the shape of your final composition in print.

Analogy: Just because a bucket has a round opening, this doesn't mean I can't put square, rectangular or triangular items into the bucket. It doesn't mean that I can't use the bucket to make a square sand castle. The shape of the bucket has no bearing on the final composition. Nor does the shape of the negative used to make a print.
It has.

You do compose for the frame you happen to have.
Composition is nothing but arranging things inside a frame, and you can do that equally well - differently, but equally well - throwing the same things around in different frames.
You do run into things that will not sit good, no matter what you try, and then you compose to an imagined frame, and cut away the parts that are not part of the composition later.
But you do compose, square, oblong in many different aspect ratios, and round even.