Just a quick update on the G617.....

The foam seals were a slightly gooey and a test roll of 220 showed some edge fogging, but not too bad. All other functions are perfect. Tonight I removed the foam goo and replaced it with black felt. I used acrylic yarn for the channels with light dabs of Elmers glue.

Just got in 50 rolls of Shanghai B&W 120 and I must say that it is pretty nice stuff. At normal exposure and 8 minutes in HC110 makes for nice crisp negs. It does seem to need a couple of minutes in PhotoFlo to keep spotting at bay compared to other films.

Now to build a basic horizontal enlarger for 10" enlargements. I've got a Photographers Handbook dated 1908 that describes in great detail how to build enlargers, powered by window light, oil lamp and limelight (gas). Sounds like a bit of a project, but unless a 5x7 enlarger finds me, it will have to do.