Hello all,

I'm afraid GAS attacks again. For years I've considered adding one MF to the herd (quite thin at the moment, one camera per format only). My dilemma is between an RB67 kit or a C330/C220 one.

A gentleman is selling a kit made of C330F body, three lenses (80/2.8 "blue dot", 65/3.5 (looks black) and 135/4.5 chrome), two focusing screens, paramender 2, and a Manfrotto tripod (190B). He's asking 450 for this, which seems fair for me, if the set works as fine as it looks.

I've recently discovered the square format with the Rolleiflex, and am happy with it so I'm not sure I need a bigger neg. Also of consideration for me is that the whole kit might weight as much as an RB67 body with one lens, which makes it quite portable in my book.

I'd be happy to hear your opinions, particularly about the pricing.