That doesn't sound like too bad a deal for the C330. They are great cameras with very good lenses. However, there is a BIG difference between the square and 6x7 formats when it comes to printing - especially if you plan to print large. With the square, you are cropping out a very large portion of the negative if you want it to fit the standard 11x14, 16x20, or 20x24 formats. With the 6x7 format, cropping is minimal, you get to use most of the negative, and you are subjecting the negative to a lower power of magnification. Because of tht, you can expect a higher degree of image quality from the larger negative. Now if you plan to print up to 11x14 as your maximum print size, you won't really be able to see the difference; but f you print larger than that, the differences will start to become apparent.