Development times:

The latest datasheet for Rodinal lists APX at 20 Minutes 1+50.
If someone lists a development time in Rodinal not mentioning the dilution I assume itīs ment for 1+25.
To me 1+25 is the "standard". So this is why we had this misunderstanding.

The new film will have a higher speed than old APX (about 1/2 stop) if developed like the old film at 20 minutes in Rodinal 1+50.

Extended developing times showed in our first tests a true increase in speed up to 650 ASA in some developers (but not in Rodinal).
We donīt know if the final product will have these outstanding parameters as well. For sure it will have a true 400 ASA unlike the old product and it will have a finer grain.

Overall push capabilities will be better so that AP 400 new can be pushed up to 800 ASA with hardly any visible loss in shadow detail and tonality.

I will keep you updated about the project. At this point we expect 35mm and 120 films to be available in Oktober but we might have delays so take this as a current plan but not a final release date.
Sheetfilms will take about 3 months longer because construction at the factory is going on in the hall which will be the sheetfilm confectioning later.

Best wishes,