If our versions of Rodinal datasheets list different times for the 1+50 dilution this has not come to our attention because we are not yet in this type of testing status where we change dilutions or even developers.

You test an emuslion for different developers and times when it is all finished. Ourīs isnīt yet and we run type to type comparison in D76, cross checking in Rodinal (1+25 for 10 minutes).

In the 1+25 dilution both our datasheets match so no problem there.

Whatever you do to an emulsion, even if itīs only a small change, has usually an affect on itīs developing kynetics. Thatīs why we need developing timetables for b/w at all and thats why times change anytime a manufacturer does something to the film.

I think for Tmax there were three different devtimes released over the past 5 years whenever Kodak touched it to improove it.

If Agfa changed the 1+50 time for Rodinal in 2003 the reason was that they did "something" to the emulsion. Whatever it was.

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