I have read here and the LF Forum that in sizes above 7x17 you are better off with a vacuum frame. Supposedly when working properly it provides a more even pressure over all. I have 8x10 and 11x14 frames from B&S and 7x17 from Bill Schwab. Though I have not used the two B&S frames a lot, I loaned them to my Alt Process class of ten students for the last five weeks and the frames still look new. If you use the frames so much that they are damaged I would think that would point you to a heavy duty vacuum frame.

I will start using an Amergraph 1200 watt plate burner with a 25” x 29” vacuum frame in the next month. Equipment such as this in many larger sizes is considered obsolete in the US printing industry and is available as they are thrown out or sold for scrap. I am guessing the same is true in Europe.

John Powers