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Amen John!

John, what a fabulous idea....a notebook that provides guidance as to the amount of KBR, or the "correct developer", so that you can render the tone of the print according to your wishes. Such notebook might be something others using Lodima would consider buying....!

John-quick question. Have you used Amidol with the Fomalux, or another paper ( for example, EMaks ), when contact printing? One might be excused for wondering if Lodima will "always" be available and it would be nice to have a ready alternative-heaven forbid.
Sorry, but my notebook is an edition of one :-) Seriously it wasn't too hard to do, just make a bunch of exposures from a full scale negative, develop one with Zero Kbr, have a normal darkroom session, then at the end continue adding Kbr and develop a sheet of each paper in your arsenal, add more Kbr and repeat. Probably took me about two hours total to get a pretty good selection. As I make up a different developer, I expose a few more sheets of paper and develop them in the new developer to add to the notebook. I do need to get my hands on some Ansco 130. Folks whose opinion I respect tell me they like the look of Azo in Ansco 130.

I've only used Amidol with Azo/Lodima. I've never tried a Foma paper......yet. I've got some Haloid, Velox and Convira that I need to try with amidol, but haven't yet. Something else to add to the notebook.

I'd be willing to bet that Lodima and the Foma silver chloride will disappear on the same day....