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You are correct. I use my cameras either on a tripod or in the studio with or without a tripod. A camera strap would be nothing but in the way. In the studio, I have my equipment on a small cart right next to me. It's easy to pick up the camera or put it back on the cart, no strap needed, but other shooting habits may benefit from a strap.
I agree that the strap is in the way when using the camera on a tripod. That's one of the reasons I like the Op-Tech strap; you can disconnect the strap part from the short parts that clip onto the camera body, and then connect them to each other to make a sort of hand strap. This is not in the way on a tripod.
When I'm not using a tripod, I sometimes use a monopod, and the strap around my neck becomes a safety feature.
For some cameras, like Leicas and the old Linhof 220 I used to have, the best strap is a wrist strap.