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I have so much Azo/Lodima I've decided to put together a notebook. The notebook contains images all made from the same negative but using different emulsions of Azo/Lodimia paper in different developers. Early on I noticed how much different Azo looked when developed in Dektol, Amidol or Neutol WA. I figure some day I'll have an image that just screams for a particular tone. I expect the notebook to help me decide just what combination of paper/developer will fill that need.
I basically did the same thing a couple of years ago with all of the various vintages and grades of Azo I have on hand. I used a 21 step tablet (instead of a negative) and the same exposure and processing for all except the last batch of #2 which I processed for 2 minutes instead of one. I put a number on each box of paper and it matches a number on the print. Not a subtle as using a negative but it lets me get close in exposure when trying a different paper by giving me a relative speed/contrast for each paper plus it was easy to see what boxes were pretty much the same.

It was an attempt to make it easier to use up all the old paper with minimal waste. I need to do this with the Lodima once I standardize my processing (KBr quantity and toning) for it.