I thought the enthusiasts here might want to hear! I'm excited.

It is drying in the darkroom right now . Scanning tomorrow.

I used Red 1 Azo dye in an AgCl coating and gave it a "normal" dye bleach process after a "normal" B&W process.

The Bleach was H2SO4 (~4%), Phenazine (~100 mg/l), NH4Br (~20 g/l), and Thiourea (~20 g/l).

I followed this by a wash and a blix and then a wash. I got a quite distinct positive magenta / red image. A lot of dye washed out even though I used an Aluminum mordant, and the coating blistered indicating poor hardening for this process.

But, it is my first color coating, not my last.

I have Metanil Yellow for the yellow layer, so if I can get a Cyan dye and a good red sensitizer for this emulsion....... Maybe. IDK. The only Cyan dye I can easily get is Chicago Blue, which is not the best "cyan" in the books but bleaches well.