OK, I've been a Nikon user for a long, long time (and I have a couple of Minoltas that I bought for the Rokkor Fisheyes I was able get for a reasonable price and ended up keeping when I sold the Fisheyes) but I've always kind of thought OMs were fairly interesting cameras. I recently picked up an OM-10 that turned out to be in pretty good shape, with a nice 50/1.8, and then I saw a black OM-2 for not much and now I have a third line of 35mm cameras that I don't really need, but there you go.

I have to say the the OM-2 is a pretty cool camera. The prism is so low and thin that you can look through the viewfinder *and* look over the prism *at the same time* which proved to me once and for all that a 50mm lens is the natural choice for a "normal" lens for a 35mm camera. The layout of the controls on the OM-2, with the shutter speed selector around the lens mount really didn't take much getting used to, even after 40+ years of Nikons with the speed dial on the top right (I never owned a Nikkormat.) With Zuiko lenses, which have the aperture ring toward the front, it's a natural. With the Tamron zoom, I sometimes get tripped up because the aperture and shutter controls are close enough together to get confused. But the exposure compensation dial, placed where the shutter speed dial would be on the Nikon, is in the perfect position -- easily accessible with no need for a lock release button. Likewise, the auto-off-manual switch, right there on top where I won't forget to turn if off when I'm done.

Shopping for lenses for the OM presents some questions, such as why do I have this thing. I already have several 50mm lenses (nikkors, rokkors, and now the zuiko) as well as lenses in various other focal lengths. The compact size of the OM-2 really wants a compact lens to complement it, but none of the zuikos seem especially small. There's nothing I've found like the pancake 50/1.8 that really works well with some of the smaller nikon bodies. The Tamron 35-135 that came with the OM-10 is nice enough, but nothing special. I see a lot of 50/3.5 macros available, but I have a 55/2.8 micro-nikkor, so it's hard to justify. I really want a lens that says what the OM system is all about. So what was Olympus' signature lens, the lens that was the reason that people bought into the system? Something like the Olympus equivalent of the Nikkor 105 f2.5 -- not that focal length but that reputation. If I can't find a lens that gives me something I don't already have with my Nikons and Minoltas, I should at least have *the* lens for the OM series.