I'm looking at getting a camera for street shooting and also candid stuff at BBQ's with my friends etc where an slr is a little bit intimidating. So far I've been using my nikon FM which I love, but it's just a little too bulky, and a bit noisy because of the mirror. I'm undecided whether an rangefinder would be better for me than my FM for what I'd use it for, I'm on a pretty tight budget so I need some advice.

It must be:

Cheap second hand, under 80. I expect light seals may need to to be replaced
Around a 45mm sharp lens, must be faster than f/2, don't care if it's interchangeable or not
Very quick to use, esp focusing
Full manual control, possibly with AE but not too bothered
Appreciably smaller than my FM
Not a dodgy russian brand (eg FED etc.)

I tried a Canon GIII QL-17 once and while a nice camera, it wasn't right for me. No DOF scale (not essential but nice to have) but the thing that drove me nuts was the really thin aperture and shutter speed rings. It was just to fiddly and so that made it slow for me to use, I don't think I'd get used to it. I'd rather use my fm and put up with the bulk and noise. I understand that the GIII is on the small side for rangefinders, the only dimension it was really smaller than my FM with 50mm was the lens.

I guess I'm pretty demanding when it comes to cameras! Any help appreciated.