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Yes, in fact someone is offering me a Zenith 80 (rebadged Salyut S) with Volna 3 80/2.8 and a Tair 300/4. Also another fella is offering a Pentacon 6 with the CZ Jena Flektogon 50/4.

Hmmm, decisions decisions...which one should I buy? I'm keen on the Zenith 80 because of the modular design and shape, plus it has interchangeable backs, but I'm not sure about lens availability..seems it has a strange mount. The P6, hmm...it's ok I guess, but I'm not a big fan of the shape and it's handling. But that Flek is to die for.
Once you get a suitable viewfinder/prism for the P6, You will find it very comfortable to use. I have a Kiev clone 6x6 hassy type, and it is not easy to use handheld compared to the P6

Look for the Kiev Camera forum site or the Pentacon six forum and you will get a lot of info: