I ran the first attempt posted here, on Strathmore paper, and thought that the paper fibers might be absorbing some chemicals and might also be reacting erratically. So, I repeated the experiment on Baryta paper. This scanned image still shows a bit of the negative image which is not apparent to the naked eye. Also, the hue shift across the paper is not very evident to the eye. It appears as more of a density change. So, the original looks better. Again, using PS tools I can make it look more like the eye sees it, but I think that the raw scan is the only fair way to post the example.

There is some mottle in the high density areas. IDK if that is in the silver or dye or bleach part of the overall sequence.

The original silver image is very sharp! The lack of sharpness in the final image indicates that there is too much silver, or too much phenazine or that the "system" needs a competer or a scavenger. Wandering phenazine in excess can drastically decrease sharpness.

You can see how sensitive any color system is!

Sequence at 20 deg C is as follows:

Develop 1' Dektol 1:3
Stop 30"
Fix in Kodak Hardening Fixer (alum).
Wash 10'
Dry to examine the results
........................< Dye step tb posted later
Dye Bleach 4'
Rinse 1'
RA4 blix 1'
Wash 4'