Thanks all for your advises again. The tripod in it's 190B version is one I rejected for use with my EOS3 (I bought a 055 instead, pretty stable but a bit bulky), but it should be fine under a TLR.

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Since you have a Rollie, what do you gain from the C330F? Interchangeable lenses, a long built in baffle for close ups. The Rollei is more ergonomially designed then the C330F which has IMNOHO a high fiddle factor. The Rollei has better optics versus the need to buy multiple bodies for multiple focal lens. So, better optics and more ergonomic versus interchangeable lenses and close-up photography.

Since you have a Rollie, what do you gain from the RB67? Again the Rollei has better optics. The RB67 has interchangeable lenses, no parallax issues, measures the light through the filters, polarizors are much easier to use, closes are possible through extension tubes, and you have a slightly different negative shape.
Not sure my Rolleiflex has better optics since it's a 3.5B about 54 years old, but I'm quite happy with it (at least I could not find issues with it's sharpness).
The 330F would give me a 2.8 lens that I miss sometimes when photographing in available light, plus interchangeable lenses and -may be- better close up
facilities (I use Rolleinars, and they are quite easy to use, not sure a Paramender would be as efficient).
The RB is something I lusted after for years, even before I even shot my first 120 film.

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There is your decision tree: I got rid of a complete C330F for a Hasselblad and never looked back so I would go with the RB67 for that reason plus the ones listed above. Question 1: How you will use the C330F versus the RB67? Question 2: Which will make you happier? That only you can answer.

PS: If you only own Rollei you could walk around with wide angle, 80mm, and telephoto Rolleis hanging from you neck as bling!
I know I'm french, but "bling-bling" is not for all of us

P.S. If I really consider my options and try to be serious, then I have the feeling I should 1) test Delta 3200 for real speed in X-Tol and be sure I use every ISO it can give me for the available light situations and 2) buy a light and stable tripod (Gitzo something) and make sure I always have it with me when I carry the Rolleiflex... Don't know if I'll be serious !