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Great report Shawn, and I am very grateful for your efforts AND your frank comments. Would you care to venture any preliminary remarks about how the paper compares with Azo and Lodima? By the way, is the Fomalux a single or double weight paper? I found your remarks about the response in the water bath particularly compelling. Is it possible that we do have another Azo type of paper that can serve our needs? I'll order a trial pack from Freestyle. I am sure that shipping will take at least a week, but when I have a chance I'll post some additional follow up. Isn't APUG great?
Glad I could help!

It's a double weight paper.

I would not venture a comparison... I'm no expert and there are many out there who would be better at such a thing.

I did not try an extreme water bath last night as I have done in the past with Lodima and Azo but I used a short water bath which did just what I needed it to do.

I hope MAS decides to offer a 25 pack of Lodima. I've heard from many photographers who want to try it before committing to 100 sheets. For those printing small as I do 25 sheets of 8x10 can offer quite a bit. And of course I'm too stingy to part with any of my stash =)

Yes, APUG is awesome!

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let's hope they produce a Grade 3 in the future. That would make it roughly equivalent to my teeny tiny precious supply of Azo Grade 4. And then I'd really break out the champagne.
For sure, Jim! Grades 2 and 3 from Lodima and a Grade 4 from ANYONE and I would be one happy photographer.