For handheld close-ups, it can be a toss-up between a rollei with rolleinar and the Mamiya; depending on the circumstances, one or the other might be preferable, but both present challenges. Tripod-mounted, the paramender is the ultimate solution, and I think most C-series users should have one.

And to give the counterpoint I always give to the claim Sirius always makes about the Mamiya TLRs being "fiddly," many users, including myself, simply don't understand what he's talking about. No more or less "fiddly" than his vaunted Hasselblad. (one of which I'd love to have, mind you, but not to replace my TLR...)

Contrary to what he says, you can see the aperture and shutter settings from the waist-level position (with the black lenses, not the chrome). To operate, you can support the camera with the left hand, focus with either hand, and make adjustments, fire the shutter, and wind the crank with the right hand. There is no "tossing the camera back and forth between your hands to operate," which is something I've heard people say about TLRs in general. You can even continue to focus the camera (left hand) while adjusting the shutter or aperture with the right; try that with a Hassy. I find the camera particularly ergonomic, frankly, if somewhat bulky compared to my Rollei.