I had a 508 and didn't like the "feel" of the meter. After destroying 7 Gossen meters (including 2 Starlites), I ended up with my 608 for serious work and my old 358 + PME45 for travel/location (and personal) work.

I've always hated analogue meters, took too much time to do something and too easily affected by temperature (anybody ever got a sticky needle because it was too cold??) I think the 208 sucks (for a few bucks more, you can get a good used digital meter, with the silicon cell instead of selenium (which drifts with age and temp changes))

The best "beginner" meter is a 358, which you can find used for about $100. The 308BII is also a great beginner meter.

I've always hated Gossen meters, never had one last more than 8 months (normal usage). The Digisix is nice, though, the timer and temp is great (especially if you shoot alot of Polaroids&#33 AND it has EV!!!

The best part is the cold-shoe attachment, so you can attach it to your camera when shooting, keeps it from getting lost in piles of gear, and from hitting you in the n**z because the length of the neck cord is >>just<< long enough to put the meter there&#33;