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...but when I got to the Paramender 2, it was sealed. It is an invaluable tool for the system, and they usually sell for close to $100 U.S. by themselves.
Amen to that! I have the Paramender and I use it with my C220's. Fantastic accessory. When doing moderate closeups, it's easy enough to adjust for parallax error by eye. But when doing extreme closeups less than 3 ft. when precise framing is called for, you can't beat it. It will get ou on target every time. And you can have lots of opportunity to use the C330 for close up photography with the bellows focusing system.

On the subjects of lens quality and ergonomics, all I can say is that there were thousands of event photographers who built successful careers using these cameras. I'll bet there are still a few, I reckon, who use them selectively. Even in the dark ages, before everyone went bit crazy and became internet connected, a camera with inferior optics and fiddly handling would not have remained popular with the working photographer for very long.

So, does a Rollie have superior optics simply because they carry the Zeiss label? Maybe, maybe not. Heck, the lens on my little Yashica T4 Super carries a Zeiss label, but that doesn't make it "better" than any of the Nikkors I use on my 35mm SLR's. In addition to my two C220's, I have a Hasselblad with 50, 80, and 150 CF Zeiss lenses. I've shown well made photographs to uninterested third parties and asked them to choose which was made with the Zeiss glass and which was made with the Mamiya glass. The results of my admittedly informal survey indicated that you couldn't tell the difference. I could, but then I'm prejudiced, having known beforehand which was made with which equipment. Otherwise, no. They both look mighty good to me.