I guess I am the wrong person to opine about this topic, as I shoot regularly with a C33 or C220, an RZ67, and a Rollei 3.5F.

I don't have, or plan to get, a Hasselblad, however. I think they are lovely cameras, and I borrow one from time to time, but the things I would shoot with that sort of camera are covered mightily by the RZ. The things I want to and/or can shoot with a TLR, I do, as I find this style of camera the near-perfect tool to use for a lot of what I shoot. For shooting the things for which I simply want one lens in a compact (though heavy) package, I use the Rollei. Where TLRs fail, I use the RZ. When I want a square frame shot with an SLR, I crop from the RZ. True, the Hassy would be a great "in-between" camera, but I honestly don't think I'd be doing that much more with it than I do with the ones I already have, nor would I want to use the others any less often.

I don't find any of these four cameras to have a high fiddle factor. However, the one I fiddle most with is the Rollei, as I sometimes forget to put the film under that one roller. With the other ones, the fiddle factors are what makes the cameras worth using, IMO. The fiddle factor on the C220 involves cocking the shutter before shooting, and changing lenses, which is just as quick as with the others. Personally, I like having the shutter release independent of the advance for many things, and the interchangeable lenses are the big thing with the C system; the one thing that makes is stand above all other TLRs IMNSHO. If I don' want this, the C33 eliminates the need to cock the shutter before each shot (but it won't accept my 180mm lens, and is notably heavier than the C220).

IMO, you would have a fine camera with any of the above. Each has its pluses and its minuses, though.