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Do you mean that, when you threatened me of spankings this was a joke ???
Now, now now, Laurent. I thought you would never tell. ;p

Well, looks like things are shaping up. A few more knocked off the list.

We have 19 that have fulfilled their obligation and have received their prints as well.

Currently, those not having sent include: markrewald, Heiko Stock, gurkenprinz, Chris Lange, Matt King, djhopscotch and gr82bart. Again, let me know if you have sent your print and should be removed from this list. And as the new round will begin in a few days, please wait until you have sent your print(s) before signing on to that round.

Those who have not received prints thus far include: markrewald, lorirfrommontana, RTMoynihan, JNaetke, Chris Lange, anikin, David William White, ccross, Matt King, Thomas Moraitis, Fleath, gr82bart and Black Dog.

This lists dwindle. I really hope you guys can help me out and get this concluded. I still have stragglers from round 10. But that's another story.