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It's partly the idea, that it's highly visible like a notice -that the feature is available to members. In the near future I can modify it so that once you are using the filter it places that information at the bottom of the screen. It's still an improvement over the old APUG. The actual search results on the old APUG started about 400 pixels down, and the new system is about 280px down from page top.
The whole shebang is definitely an improvement.

I always just click on the top right link to see the latest posts, so the few lines below the menu bar (Search, Latest and now exclusion list) are pretty useless to me. In the old system, I just checked my exclusion list once in a while. I doubt that I ever added back a forum that I had once 'silenced'.

Personally, I'd like to be rid of all the envelopes and other icons. But then, I had hoped that Lynx would take over the browser market...

It's lookin' good. Cheers, Richard