I gave this paper an informal test today. I had some contrasty (overdeveloped) 5x7 negatives on TMY that I tried to contact print on the pre-production run of Lodima (adjusted grade 3) and thought that perhaps the new Fomalux 111 at grade 2 would offer a better (softer) print. In comparing the tonality, the Fomalux 111 grade 2 had slightly more contrast that the pre-production Lodima grade 3. As Shawn noted, the Fomalux 111 paper is much faster than Lodima. I put the contact printing gear away and thought I would try some projection prints to see if the faster speed of the Fomalux 111 would allow this. I pulled some 120 TMY-2 negatives developed (in Pyrocat-HD) for standard grade 2 paper and adjusted my 23C enlarger (using a dichroic head and diffusion chamber) to allow a 7" x 7" print on a Saunders easel. I used a Nikon 80mm 5.6 lens and stopped it down to 8.0. My times were in the 120 to 150 second range. Having used Foma papers before, I was used to some slow exposure times, so this was not a problem. The resulting prints appeared to be in a range between a conventional grade 2 and grade 3 paper. For the processing, I used Ilford WT developer, which produced a slightly warm olive tone. The tonality is beautiful and I am very happy with the prints. I plan to try this paper in Amidol and Ansco 130 to see how it performs. Looking forward to more user comments.