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BTW, the OM2, 3 & 4 have the most sophisticated metering system as they continuously monitor exposure while most all others meter just before shutter fires. For instance on long exposures, if the light gets brighter on the target after the shutter has fired, it will close the shutter sooner accordingly. Most all others - even latest and greatest, will simply stay the course and obviously overexpose. Of the classics I own and others I've tested, only the Pentax LX works this way too.
No. The OM-3 is a completely mechanical camera and you will get the shutter speed and aperture that are pre-set, just like the OM-1. The OM cameras with electronic shutters (OM-2, OM-2N, OM-2S Program, OM-4, and OM-4T) will make an adjustment during exposure and close the shutter based on an Off-The-Film, real time meter reading. Only in Auto mode.