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Yeah it is confusing at first because it loads the last 25 recent. I'll see if I can cut that back to 5 or so. After that it will update in real time as they come in. It was mainly a mod I wanted for myself as I run dual displays I can now have a live feed of incoming posts on one screen. It helps me keep an eye on things. I figured might as well release it to all.
Sean, not many members have dual display. But you are right this tool could be very useful and nice to have, if it was visible all the time / continuously. It is less useful, if I need to open up a second TAB by clicking, because than I could just as well open "New Posts"...

As I suggested, showing such a live feed / spy listing might be most useful if displayed:

1) - In a single line above all "Search" views of Forums, or in the same manner above the normal "Forum" views, updating itself each time something new comes in.

2) - In the APUG sidebar. As the sidebar is a separate entity in APUG, it will be continuously visible if enabled.

3) - Maybe it would be an idea to have a truly floating and semi transparent "Spy/Live feed" box on APUG.

About the last option, I have a closable, minimizable and moveable DIV element on my homepage, that displays photo information in a semi-transparent box. It uses a very nifty free Javascript by Markus Bordihn (DynDiv - Dynamic Div):


It would be extremely cool to have these spy feeds displayed in such a box, especially if it was a small unobtrusive one with small font, and thus capable to temporarily stack away somewhere on the APUG screen, for example on top of APUG topbar, to keep on the look-out for new threads.

See the attachments for an example on my website, the black semi-transparent box with photo info is the Dynamic Div... The box can be moved freely around, minimized and closed.

To try it out, go to for example the page below and click on the little "i" button in the upper right corner... Since it is a generic HTML Div element, it could contain pretty much anything you want:


Markus Bordihn has some more very cool Javascripts by the way, but I only implemented this one for now.

Anyway, even a single line continuously updated feed as per option 1) displayed somewhere visible while browsing the APUG forums, would be more easily implemented, yet be very useful and probably a bit handier than a separate "Spy page" as it is now.