I have recently bought an Agfa Colormat enlarger. It was dirt-cheap. I like the very solid build of it, compared to the enlargers I worked with previously (Meopta, Krokus), but since it is more advanced, I need your help.

If anyone has operating instructions for this particular enlarger, or any experience working with it, I would appreciate some help.

The enlarger came with a color-mixing box (large metal box with color lights where color values can be selected by rotating knobs), an autofocusing easel (enlarger, the metal box and the easel are all interconnected with thick cables), and a box with 2 lenses and 2 negative holders.

It looks to me that it can do 6x9 negatives.

I believe the enlarger is in working condition (even the lamp is working), but is missing some vital part responsible for autofocusing, because I do not see any mechanism that would move the lens section to set the focus. Anyway, I do not intend to use autofocus anyway, as I was planning to set grain-level focus myself with a loupe, and have never had plans for mass-printing.

My main questions are:

1) Can this be operated fully manually? How?
2) Can I use the color-mixing device for working with black-and-white VC papers? How?

...but in fact I will appreciate ANY hints about using, operating, maintaining of this or similar autofocusing enlargers.

Please do not advise me to change this enlarger to a different one. I love the stability, apparent precision, and most of all the PRICE I got it for .

Next week I'm planning to do some cleaning to the enlarger, and then I may also post some pictures of this interesting device.