You guys are missing good stuff. Konica Auto S2. It has 45mm f/1.8. APerture ring is a bit narrow but it is certainly good enough for blind operation. Shutter ring is wider. It has lock needle auto aperture mode (shutter priority) in addition to full manual. Meter is visible from viewfinder as well as on the top panel.

I definitely prefer Auto S2 over Minolta Hi-Matic S2, or Canonet QL 17 type.

Look for ones with good rangefinder superimposing image. Quite a few are faded. Sticky shutter is common but they can be cleaned easily. Definitely avoid anything that has winding problem.

Other than this, I'd use Konica Hexar (original black AF), Ricoh GR-1V, etc. but these are probably not what you are looking for.