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So in the future we won't be able to print from slides? Surely they'll keep this stuff available, i thought most professionals still use it.... Thanks,

No most professionals have gone digital. The last of my professional friends who was terrified by computers etc took to digital like a duck to water about 3 years ago.

When they do have to shoot E6 the transparancies are scanned and printed digitally.

The professional market, advertising and commercial, is client driven they want to see instant digital results. I visited a friend shooting images for a company manufacturing taps for a catalogue, as he shot he downsized & emailed the client to get the OK and then moved on, they were complex images - before digital he had to leave the set in place until the image was approved or have someone from the company or agency present to see the Polaroids.

On a personal level it's about 4 years since I last used E-6 professionally, I have used C41 a few times since but again in some instances these were just scanned to Cd and later printed on a wide format inkjet.

The colour market is now mostly C41 and amateur driven, apart from the wedding / portrait market but even thats changing.