I remember my tour of Death Valley with a Calumet C401. I would hike, lugging a huge box to about where I was going to shoot, set it down and then walk all over the place looking for that perfect image. Then I would say "Ah Hah!" and go looking for my camera. ...... ....... Then I would find my camera and start lugging it to where I found that perfect image ....... ........ ....... Then I would settle for a little less than that because I knew the wife and kids in the car were getting impatient .... .... .... Now add 10 minutes of set-up - focus focus focus and re-focus- Forget to close the lens before opening the dark slide on the Grafmatic. NUTS! that usually only ruins one shot. Take 5 more - Oh man! that shutter is acting up again - now they are honking the horn. OK - well, I got five .... maybe. Now get it all back in the box as quick as possible and lug it back toward the highway. It is a nice balmy 115 F. and I know that won't hurt my images either. On the negs of course there are many little clear specs. Something about lugging a view camera into a dusty area and of course, being a "dry heat," there is the whole static thing working.

Now the "kit" is 16.5 pounds. It goes in an F64 pack or my BIG Jansport. I can hit the trail and get DEEEP into the woods. My new friends are biting insects and poison oak. And of course after all this "growth" there are all these people swarming around with 35mm or worse ... DIGI warts. And they are taking great pictures! ---- My Shrink says I will only recover my sanity if I just give up on all this photo mumbo jumbo.

My dog still understands though.