Hello all!
After a vacation break I plan to get back to work on my emulsions and I was browsing Denise's page (which is an awsome help to any gelatin newbie ) and I found Kevin Klein's emulsion formula which seemed to me pretty nice and worth of trying (especially that the examples of pictures used in the article are more or less what I'm aiming to).
After reading, giving it some thoughts and doing some research I have not managed to find any hardening fixer formulae (which is used in Kevin's recipe). I suppose it is some kind of a mix of Hypo fixer and chrome alume...
Normally I would buy one but it's very hard to get here and brewing some for myself seems more "appropriate" to gelatin emulsion .
Anywho, if any of you guys have any formula to share (and maybe some tips how to use it properly), it would be awesome.
Thanks and cheers!