Here is a summary of doing C-41 on the cheap from Vanbar by mixing and matching different steps from different companies/makers.

As far as E-6 go.. I got some out of date colour developer for E-6 (Kodak) from 2005 I think.. and its like new.. half price.. so the big lots of chems should last you just fine imho.

First Dev Start: $17.44/95L

First Dev Rep: $24.75/10L

Colour Dev Start: ??? <-- they seem to be missing this but I have gotten it from them before. I've got enough atm for 40L, I could always send you a little if you needed (mine is Kodak), I'd ring and ask about colour dev starter. Or I can find out for you.

Colour Dev Rep: $62.59/19L or $148.51/240L

Bleach: $39.61/5L (I've got this Agfa stuff - used it for everything so far, C-41 and E-6, works great).

Fixer: $6.27

Stabiliser: $11.33

I find it both cheap and easy to mix my own bleach and E-6 first dev, though I do it with first dev much more since I dont have a commercial dev, but a tonne of good bleach dumped on me by vanbar they were chucking out (as well as a tonne of some flexicolor and ektacolor chems).

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I'm in Adelaide, though I drove to Melbourne about two weeks ago

I see Vanbar has chems, but they're 3x the prices advertised by ag-photographic (UK), which is where I usually get stuff. I can ship stuff from the UK via 3-day courier and have it come out much, much cheaper than the Australian vendors that I've found so far.

Stephen: what is your price for 120 E-6? I couldn't find it on your blog/website/thing. And (if you don't mind me asking - I assume you buy chems in much larger quantities than I would consider), where do you buy supplies?


I can get family to post me stuff from Ag Photographic.. but I dont think you can get wet chems, plus that shipping cost would be massive wouldnt it?