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Thanks Athiril, I like your guide and will probably end up having to do something similar. But in terms of prices, consider that (at Ag) a 5L Kodak E-6 kit is $70, Fuji C-41 is $60 and C-41 is a bit cheaper - that makes the Vanbar numbers pretty depressing. I also didn't see Reversal Bath or Pre-Bleach in your list of E-6 stuff, though I assume Vanbar will have them.

Knowing that they keep for a long time is encouraging since I can just buy a monster kit of separate chems and share them with a couple other people, not that I know many locally (one?) who would be even vaguely interested in doing their own colour processing. Anyone here?
Sorry I forgot about reversal bath because I dont use it, I take the film out and use light reversal after rinsing/washing after first developer.