Mid 70's - 500CM body with waistlevel finder
Chrome lenses - 80mm, 50mm T*, 150mm
3 - A12 backs, one fairly new and two old ones. The old ones I would just give away with the body as they need CLA's.
Blad 45 degree metered finder (vary used but the glass is clear and the meter activates. I have no idea how accurate it is as I use a hand meter)

I have no idea what this stuff sells for these days. I looked on feebay and got an idea of what the completed listing are indicating, but what do you apugr's think?

I've made a lot of really fine images with this setup and I hate to sell it, but have to finance a purchase of HD video camera and underwater housing to go with it. Sucks. I will try and not shed to many tears over the stuff while I'm packing it up LOL.